UA100H       Bright fixing agent

    UA100HTC  Bright fixing agent

  UA200M      Matt fixing agent

Apply these on edges that have been treated with the EDGE POLYMER in one coat, by hand or by machine, can improve flex resistance as well as wet and dry rub resistances.


The self-fixing properties of the product are obtained by a slow air crosslinking of the film that reaches very good performances from 48 hours of   application. The reasonable use of heat helps slow crosslinking and also the   resistance to water.


For obtaining best results, apply the fixing agent within two hours of application of the EDGE POLYMER: in doing so, the two films crosslink,   improving the cohesion and the adhesion of both films.


If required, the bright fixing agent UA100H, UA100HTC can be applied on the refinished edges with EDGE POLYMER matt, so that they will then become bright. Vice versa, the matt fixing agent UA200M can be applied on the refinished edges with EDGE POLYMER gloss, so that they will then become matt.  


The products are not dangerous, being non-flammable and are manufactured with non-toxic raw materials.


Their physical characteristics can be compromised due to lengthy non-use or storage at temperatures above 40°C or below 5°C.

* It is necessary to always check the adhesion of product on the leather at least 24 hours after application.