UA100H    Adhesion promoter

   UA300H    Adhesion promoter

   UA400H    Adhesion promoter

   UA500H    Adhesion promoter


UA100H, UA300H, UA400H and UA500H are water-based emulsions of synthetic polymers. They form a transparent film, extremely tough and with good elasticity.


Some special leathers or materials which will have the risk of adhesion or peeling off problems, adhesion promoter must be used to solve it. For your information, adhesion promoter is an additive which is different from primer and edge paint, it is a special PU component in very liquid form with super penetration power. It creates a good base for the adherence of subsequent coatings of primer and edge paint.


The products are not dangerous, being non-flammable and are manufactured with non-toxic raw materials.


Their physical characteristics can be compromised due to lengthy non-use or storage at temperatures above 40°C or below 5°C.

* It is necessary to always  check the adhesion of product on the leather at least 24 hours after application.