DAM650       Matt Edge Paint

                  DAS650         Semi-glossy Edge Paint

                 DAH630        High-glossy Edge Paint


EDGE POLYMER Supreme is characterized by high viscosity, natural covering and excellent penetration power. It gives excellent adhesion, wet-and-dry rub-resistance and cold-flex resistance.

It confers a pleasing matt, semi-glossy, or high-glossy finish to the edges of handbags, belts and leather goods in general, giving a smooth and natural sealed look.

Apply by hand or by machine with two or three coats, according to the degree of absorbency of the leather.

It dries rapidly with medium hard dried film, and the adhesion is excellent even on hides that are very closed or with little absorbency.

It has a very good viscosity (about 100±25 sec. ISO cup #8 at 25°C -30°C).

* It is necessary to always  check the adhesion of product on the leather at least 24 hours after application.